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The Applicant a authorizes American Express to notify the Company if this application is declined or if spending restrictions are applied to the Corporate Card and b agrees to be liable for payment to American Express of all amounts charged to the Corporate Card. American Express Corporate Card Application Application Information - Application cannot be processed without required information Name as you would like it to appear on the Corporate Card 20 characters maximum including spaces -...
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Including spaces) State/Province/Territory ZIP/Postal Code Phone Number Application Review Number of Reviews 0 – 12 1 – 3 10 2 – 3 11 4 – 7 12 8 or More 13 All of 15 or more Other Information Benefits, Fees, and Other Charges The City® Platinum Business Card offers a wide variety of benefits and services that you may qualify for by using this card. Please review benefits and services offered. Limitation of Liability If you have a question about your Account or Card at any time, please contact our customer care at in America or contact us by selecting 'Report a Problem' under the Help tab on the website or calling (Toll-Free in the United States and to Canada). The City® Platinum Business Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware (BDF); a registered trade name of Barclays, The City® Platinum Business Card is neither an insured bank deposit obligation nor a financial product or a debt instrument. No insurance from any Federal agency or government entity is provided by Citibank or the issuer of the City® Platinum Business Card. If your Account or Card is lost or stolen, you will not get any type of credit for any theft. The City® Platinum Business Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware (BDF); a registered trade name of Barclays, The City® Platinum Business Card is neither an insured bank deposit obligation nor a financial product or a debt instrument. The City® Business Select™ Card is issued through a network of companies that are not overseen or supervised by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The network does not provide credit protection. Credit card accounts do not fall into the “safe” category under applicable state and federal law. You must report all unauthorized activity to Citibank at the following locations to enable protection for your account: Please send your report to Citibank at the above addresses within ten (10) days from the date of the illegal activity. You may use Citibank's Report Account Service. To set up a report of unauthorized activity, you must have your card present at all times and the Card must be in good standing.
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Hey guys it×39’s Sebastian from Stand today we're going to try to figure out what credit card makes more sense for you either a business credit card or personal credit card if you are new harder×39’re all about how to maximize moneyed from your credit cards so basically how to get the most cash backhand how to travel for free if that sounds like something that might be interesting to you then maybe subscribe to our Channel but let's get started so to start all of us we have to understand what's considered a business and one of the categories people done×39;realize exists is sole proprietor, so basically that means that you×39’redoing something on the side that you'earning revenue for so maybe you'rereselling things on Craigslistmaybe you×39’re teaching piano maybe you'rehelping someone else with computers or some other thing where you're deriving some form of income that would reconsider a sole proprietorship you would be able to apply for a business credit card on that alone so a lot of people think you need to have a big company in order to get a business credit card but that×39’s actually not truest they're looking at your credit score, and they're basically relying on you so for most credit cards let's say the chase ink cards you×39’re personally liable for those cards meaning that for them there want to give you this credit card because they know that it's effectively the same as giving you any other credit card that if you run away that they'redoing to still go after you, so it's sort of like if you×39’re going to default none of their business cards is the sambas defaulting on one of their other personal cards like the Chase SapphireReserve so their×39’s not realldifferencece for them in terms of risking×39’s more just whether it makes sens to giveve you that business card so in Casey×39’re wondering what that affect that businesses cards are they have no effect on your average age of account so than×39’t post on your credit reporinternsms of payments or in terms of howling it's aged, so that might be a good thing or if I think depending on whiteout×39;relooking for so if you're someone who let×39’s say wants to get a mortgaging there next one or two years, and you have a lot of old credit cards and you×39;reworried that like adding a new normal personal credit card that×39’re going to lower your average age of accounts then getting a business credit card is a good alternative so we×39’re so doing the credit card and the inquiry we still drop offal the one-year mark in terms of your mortgage so that×39’s still fine so you kind of don't want to apply for credit card six to twelve months before getting mortgage just because inquiries kind of affect our interest rate but the ideas that basically you can still get the bonus, and you still have the benefit of the credit card, but you have dining query that drops off but it×39’s not affecting your average user accounts soil you have those two accounts from when you graduated from college you...
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